Georgian Good Food Box Mission Statement

“To optimize the health of residents of South Georgian Bay through the provision of quality, fresh fruit and vegetable boxes, and to foster awareness and encourage healthy food choices by promoting the consumption of locally-grown produce.”

Good Food Box Facts!
  • Our produce is provided at cost:  we fund raise to help cover overhead, which is over $400 per month.
  • Transportation costs, the plastic liners, insurance and printing the monthly newsletter are our major costs.
  • There are no paid staff members in our program.
  • Our volunteers contribute a total of 200 hours per month, over half of that on the pack day (3rd Wednesday of each month).
  • Our volunteer drivers deliver over 70 boxes each month to families who cannot pick up the 30 lb bags of produce.
  • We either donate directly, or seek donors to help provide free boxes to fixed-income families who are given our contact information from their Public Health Nurse, social worker, clergy etc.
  • We cover Collingwood, Clearview (Stayner, Creemore, New Lowell) and Wasaga Beach.
  • On April 16, 2016, we celebrated our 12th anniversary in the South Georgian Bay Region.
  • As of 2019, our volunteers have packed 65,000+ boxes!


Our Organization

The GGFB is administered by a group of dedicated volunteers, and a volunteer board of directors.  Here are the positions currently within our board, and the name of the director.

Chair: Ted Van Den Hurk

Vice Chair: Joan Leonard

Director-Secretary: Mark Redmond

Director-Finance: Nancy Rumney

Director-Collingwood: Mark Redmond

Director-New Lowell: Lynn Black

Director-Collingwood: Michael Kacmar

Director- Wasaga Beach: Loretta Stabile

Director-Media/Social Media: Corrine Lalonde

Wasaga Beach Volunteer Coordinator: Alanna Dufton